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Monitoring of public and private sites is increasingly becoming an important and critical issue in the field of security and surveillance. Mobile multi-sensors surveillance systems able to be deployed quickly to analyse a situation will enhance the efficiency of the security teams. In this context, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) provide new opportunities for research in environment sensing.
To answer this need, the project aims at developing a small size Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) UAV designed for autonomous inspection and survey tasks in urban areas or more generally in constraint outdoor known or unknown environments, with moving obstacles.
The core of the project is focused on the development of software and hardware modules providing autonomy to a small size drone in terms of navigation, localization and robustness to unexpected events (obstacles, RF communication loss, GPS loss, aerologic perturbation).
To reach these objectives, the project is divided into three fields of Research & Development:

Development of a Mission Control System with an intuitive Man Machine Interface for mission preparation and control
Development of perception and command algorithms allowing the more efficient flight autonomy
Development of a VTOL micro-UAV prototype
The relevance of this concept will be proved using scenarios such as security applications in unknown urban environments, and automatic survey of sensitive or critical sites (public places, airports, oil production facilities, pipelines, nuclear sites, etc).
Context of the project
Project aims and objectives

The project gathers 5 partners for a duration of 3 years :

  • CEA-LIST, technology research centre, will be coordinator of the project, and will work on multimodality embedded sensors for localisation and autonomous navigation.
  • University of TŘbingen will develop components for automatic obstacle avoidance.
  • Thales Security System will have in charge the Mission Control System (MCS) with MMI.
  • AirRobot, SME in the field of VTOL ÁUAVs, will design and develop a prototype.
  • Lisippos, as an end user, will participate in the definition of scenarios and validation of concept.
Project partners


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